The Power Of 4

CORE4 is founded on a dream by the 4 Millsap brothers---a dream to share their talents, training and success to change the lives of players, coaches and parents through athletic achievement, education and life skill development.

Through the coaching and inspiration of their uncle, DeAngelo Simmons, Paul, John, Abe and Elijah, have come together to inspire a new generation with the 4 principles that have guided their personal and professional lives.  At CORE 4, each participant will learn the Power of 4: Character, Community, Commitment and Competition, and how it will lead to life success both on and off the court.

 The Millsap family lives and breathes the Power of 4—just ask Paul, who proudly wears the #4 on his jersey in honor of his belief and dedication to these 4 life-changing principles.

 To share this dream with others, the Millsap 4 and DeAngelo Simmons have built a state-of-the-art facility and developed an exceptional training protocol to share the Power of 4 with players, coaches and parents.

 To the Millsap family, The Power of 4 is more than a statement, a catch phrase, or a number on a jersey…it is a number carried in their hearts to inspire and lift up the lives of all those they touch.