Academic Development 

The CORE4 Post Graduate Program does NOT operate as a traditional School, but as a SPORT TRAINING ACADEMY offering Academic Coursework and Life-Skills Development services to its enrollees.



Our SAT/ACT preparation classes are offered each semester to give our Post Grad student-athletes ample time for acquiring the impactful study-skills and test-taking confidence needed for making the necessary improvements on their collegiate standardized tests.


For many foreigners, the process of successfully transitioning into American culture and adapting to the U.S. education system can often be extremely challenging for even the brightest international students. CORE4 Post Grad program is well equipped to accommodate the needs of all international student-athletes.  We have partnered with a fully accredited instructors and programs for providing the most culturally diverse and comprehensive expert English Proficiency training services for meeting the language testing and development needs of all student-athletes representing countries from around the world.


Our ESL (English as a Second Language) offering is a perfect solution for students looking to improve academic reading and writing in English and preparing for their TOEFL exam. 

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) prep is offered by ETS who designs and administers the tests.  As an admissions requirement, pre and post-enrollment test is given for measuring and subsequent enhancement of the English language ability of non-native speaking student-athletes who are seeking to enroll at CORE4 as well as other primary English-speaking academic and professional institutions.


IEP Coursework 

CORE4, along with the cooperation of its partners, may provide Individualized Education Program Services, or IEP Services, as diagnosed and deemed appropriate based on assessment and testing results.  After which, an agreement between school and parent will outline the special education and related services to be delivered to each individual IEP athlete who has been found eligible for such services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The agreement and IDEA document will stipulate several important statements about the progress to be accomplished and the specific amounts of special education and related services to be delivered in order to achieve the desired progress that each student-athlete needs.


  • Daily Devotionals

  • Alternative Career Exploration (A.C.E.)

  • Health and Wellness Seminars/Lectures

  • Time Management Lectures

  • Money/Budget Management Workshops

  • IT and Social Media Optimization Lectures

  • Substance Abuse Seminars/Lectures

  • Athletes and Domestic Abuse (Consequences Social Matters/Issues & Responsibilities

  • C.A.C.I. (CORE4 Athletes Cares Initiatives)