Life Skills

For the Young student- athletes striving towards personal excellence, understanding how to balance academic achievement, athletic competition, and personal well-being along with everyday life can be very challenging. Our CORE4 Life Skills represents a comprehensive commitment to foster the total growth and development of young athletes participating in our programs.


A Commitment to Academic Excellence

Through SAT/ACT prep courses

A Commitment to Personal Development

Providing opportunities to focus on personal growth issues as clarifying values, setting goals, and time management.

A Commitment to Athletic Excellence

State of the art facility with experienced and knowledgeable staff teaching the fundamentals of basketball based on a commitment to sportsmanship, equity, fair play, and integrity.

A Commitment to Community Service

Our challenge to our youth participants is to give back to the Atlanta community and to those individuals in need, through clearly defined programs of services, which, in turn, will provide opportunities to develop the foundation for a lifelong commitment to volunteerism.