Many families consider a "post -graduate” (GAP Year) primarily for one or more of the following reasons leading them to delay their immediate entry into college. 

  1. The student-athlete wishes to enhance their educational and athletic opportunities that may become available to them while doing an extra year,before deciding they are ready to enter college ( particularly, while avoiding losing 1 or more years of college eligibility).

  2.  Perhaps the student-athlete is in need of SAT/ACT Prep tutoring for increasing his scores required for receiving acceptance into specifically preferred colleges/universities.

  3.  Maybe the student-athlete's skills and games performance levels have caused him to not receive the desired level of collegiate scholarship offer that you he had hoped for.

  4. Or, parents feels that the student-athlete will benefit greatly from doing a Post Graduate year for becoming a more attractive recruit, as well as a more disciplined, mature, and independent young adult after spending a year within a college-prep Post Graduate program.