2018-19 CORE4 POST GRAD Tuition (Proposed FEES)


Boarding        Non-Boarding (Commuter)   International

$26,950                        $29,600                      $24,365                            

Financing via Payment Plans and or Student Loan Programs* are available, please contact us for more information. *Tuition Solution Program

If you're interested in financial support for your son's enrollment, please visit our Aid and Scholarships section. CORE4 PG Program annual tuition covers the following:  [athletic training and competition, academics & special needs coursework, tuition (room and board), book rental, laundry service, personal care needs, and student extracurricular activities].


Application Fee - Domestic

  • $150.00 for U.S. Resident

  • $250.00 for Non-U.S. Resident and Residents living outside the continental U.S.


Apply & Enroll - International

  • Tuition: $24,365 / $18,700 (Includes registration) per year

  • Registration Fee: $400.00

  • ESL fee of $1,300 (if deemed in need of this program)

NOTE:  Payments for 2018-2019 school year must be paid in full prior to attendance.


Required Uniform Fee:

Be informed that CORE4 may require some pre-announced form of clothing uniformity for all PG enrollees for the 2018-19 year.  Therefore, all clothing worn (with the exception of underwear, sleeping apparel, etc.) on any CORE4 affiliated facility and/or campus etc, will be of the standard uniform issued to all students or articles that are authorized to be purchased through our CORE4 suppliers. CORE4 seeks to maintain a professional workplace environment for students at all times – a work setting where the standard for both academics, athletic and daily conduct is high and mandatory. The academy dress code seeks to complement and reflect those high standards while also helping maintain students’ focus on the task at hand and on issues relative to personal character.

  • Tuition Deposit for Boarding Student: $6,500 - (Waived if tuition is paid in 4 payments)

  • Tuition Deposit for Non-Boarding Day Student: $4,500 - (Waived if tuition is paid in 4 payments)

  • International Students: Payments for 2018-2019 school year must be paid in full prior to attendance.


CORE4 Student Banking Fund - (Boarding Students Only):

CORE4 requires that parents deposit money in the CORE4 Student Fund to cover $450 incidental fees and a $300 property damage fee. The Incidental fee covers [weekend passes, emergency travel, college applications, SAT/ACT tests, etc.]  The Damage fee will be used to cover [any liable damages caused by your son]. Any and all funds that remains in his account at year's end, once all financial obligations are paid, will be refunded in full.  CORE4 also recommend to parents that an optional weekly allowance in the amount of $15 to $20 weekly, will be provided to your son for maintaining a hefty Student Fund balance throughout the year that's available for emergency use should it be needed.