The CORE4 facility is often frequented by professional basketball players, providing opportunities for student-athletes to interact with NBA, WNBA, and International League stars and other CORE4 clients which inspires the enhancement of the experience for all players and family members.

Not only will you become the best basketball player you can be, you will become more disciplined, more mature and more independent, while our staff  will work just as hard to find the right fit for you within the ideal college system that will satisfy your specific needs and ultimate career desires.

While  our expert academics and athletics training staff ranks amongst the best within the basketball development and placement industry, you should know that the focus of our CORE4 program is ALL ABOUT YOU, NOT US! As such, college coaches have openly expressing their genuine appreciate for well-organized and structured systems, delivered by Post Grad programs such as CORE4, which reassures them of acquiring top-notch recruits as we have perfected the process.

CORE4 Students will also receive the following:

  • NCAA Accredited Courses

  • Moderate to Elite Level Games Scheduling

  • Advanced Technology/ Exposure

  • International Student Services

  • Alternative Career Services

  • Student Life/ Personal Development